The War Memorial Rose Garden in Littleton, CO is a tranquil place of reflection for veterans and citizens alike. Surrounded by majestic mountains and bordered by small rivers and ponds, it was designed as a living memorial to honor those who served in the United States Armed Forces. Its pathways are lined with roses of every color, providing visitors with an awe-inspiring view from spring to fall. This great rose garden also features benches and numerous sculptures, honoring different heroes and battles throughout our nation’s history. Every year the War Memorial Rose Garden hosts events such as Memorial Day ceremonies, providing the perfect setting to commemorate those who serve our great country.

What To Do

War Memorial Rose Garden is a well-known and beloved park in the area. This stunning park is the perfect spot to relax among flowerbeds of bright roses, ornamental hedges and buzzing bees. There are plenty of activities one can enjoy while taking in the beautiful scenery – take a leisurely stroll along the winding paths, picnicking on the breezy meadows or simply find a cozy spot to rest as birds chirp in the trees. Additionally, guests can explore two ponds for fishing or partake in special events such as Yoga classes and Friday Night Summer Concerts. War Memorial Rose Garden holds something for everyone looking for an inviting outdoor escape.


The War Memorial Rose Garden is a stunning site for both nature-lovers and history buffs alike. This incredible one-acre park features a circular layout, with a memorial wall at its center that celebrates the veterans of World War I. There are many beautiful rose bushes, boasting over 600 varieties, including an impressive hybrid tea section, as well as assorted flowering shrubs surrounding a tranquil reflecting pool. 

Pergolas line the sides of the reflecting pool offering trellises of vibrant roses and clematis while enhancing its setting. Additionally, benches and picnic tables provide an idyllic spot to take in all the beauty that the War Memorial Rose Garden has to offer. The inviting atmosphere will make you want to explore this charming attraction again and again.

Plan Your Visit

When planning a visit to the War Memorial Rose Garden, there are several things to keep in mind. With over 400 rose varieties spread across 8 acres, the garden features lush greenery and captivating displays of various roses for all to enjoy. The garden is open early May through late October and admission is free. When visiting, be sure to walk around the historic gazebo for a beautiful view of the mountain backdrop and stroll down the meandering pathways to get an up close look at each of the colorful rose gardens. And don’t forget your camera – the vibrant blossoms are perfect for photoshoots.

Overall, the War Memorial Rose Garden is a pristine location that pays homage to those who have bravely sacrificed their lives while serving overseas. Visitors can enjoy American roses as they make their way through this gorgeous memorial. With its limestone walls, natural tree pathway and a variety of rustic garden sceneries, it makes for a serene setting that celebrates the courage of those that have gone before us. Every little detail has been carefully crafted to honor these courageous souls, making a visit to this memorial an uplifting experience and one not soon forgotten.


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