Valley Heirloom is a neighborhood in Littleton, Colorado is a paradise for antique lovers. Offering an impressive selection of authentic American antiques from all across the country, Valley Heirloom is the ideal place to find that perfect piece for your home or collection. Their collections span many different styles and eras, from early 20th century furniture to Victorian era knick-knacks. With a friendly and knowledgeable staff, you can be sure you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for without any hassle. 


Valley Heirloom is a fairly small yet thriving community with a population of 4,543 as of the last census. Valley Heirloom has an ethnic composition of 69.3% Caucasian, 12.3% Hispanic or Latino and 11.4% African American. Residents also span a wide range of ages; the median age for residents of Valley Heirloom is 37 years old and about 30% of the population consists of individuals under 18-years-old. All these diverse demographics make this community one that celebrates its culture and rich history in Colorado making it a great place to call home.


Valley Heirloom is well known for its excellent education system. The district offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to help students achieve their full potential. They offer an integrated approach to learning with classes in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, fine and performing arts, health and physical education, world languages and more. Technology is also strongly integrated throughout the curriculum which allows students to better access the world around them. 

Valley Heirloom puts a big focus on the success of its students with small class sizes and teacher mentorship programs that build strong relationships between teachers and students. Here, kids have the opportunity to start preparing for college as early as elementary school through articulation agreements with colleges and universities in the area. This commitment to student excellence means that upon graduation from Valley Heirloom high school graduates have many prestigious options available for their college career.


According to local lore, Valley Heirloom has been a tourist hot spot for travelers and locals alike for many years. Valley Heirloom offers loads of historical attractions, breathtaking views, and tons of delicious dining options making it the perfect destination for anyone looking to enjoy a wonderful vacation. Whether you are taking a romantic weekend getaway or planning an entire family vacation, you can’t go wrong when visiting Valley Heirloom. With something fun and entertaining to do around every corner it’s the perfect place to make memories that last forever!

Valley Heirloom has established itself as a leader in the heirloom tomato industry. With its commitment to sustainable and ecological farming practices, it is clear that Valley Heirloom offers top of the line tomatoes at an affordable price without compromising the environment or customer satisfaction. From its tri-state distribution network to its efforts to reduce food waste and bring awareness about climate change, Valley Heirloom sets a high standard for other businesses to follow. The dedication to perfecting their product, customer service, and providing an educational platform along with competitive prices demonstrates how Valley Heirloom clearly stands out amongst other companies in its sector.


In addition, if you have been looking for a beautiful place to go for a scenic drive or a leisurely stroll through nature, look no further than Summit View Parkway. This picturesque suburban area features an array of winding roads with views of the Rocky Mountains in the distance as well as lush greenery and parks. During the summertime, wildflowers and colorful shrubbery can be seen dotting the parkway.

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