10 Paint Colors That Can Make a Small Office Look Bigger

As office space becomes more and more precious, many companies are trying to make the most of their small spaces. This can be a challenge because when you have less room, it is easy for your office to look cramped and uninviting. It can be challenging to feel motivated when working in a small office. 

With so many distractions, it’s easy to lose focus. But there are ways to make it more comfortable! One way is by painting the walls with colors that will make the space seem larger than it actually is. 

In this post, we’ll cover ten paint colors that work well with smaller offices so you can get started on making your space seem larger than life!

Light GrayLight Gray

A soothing hue of light gray can help to reduce feelings of claustrophobia and also give off an airy vibe. This color pairs well with any other color on this list as it has a neutral undertone. Light gray will work well to help your office space feel more expansive.

There are many different hues of gray to choose from, and it is essential to test different shades in your office before making a final decision. A gray with warmer undertones may make the space feel cozier, while a cooler gray can give off more of an airy feeling.

  • Light Gray Paint Colors:
  • Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter
  • Sherwin Williams’ SW7033 Repose Gray
  • Dunn Edwards DEW328 Silver Screen


Warm hues like beige create warm feelings inside of people’s hearts, which will instantly make them feel more at ease when they enter your office space. Plus, beige is a very versatile color that can go with any other color on this list. You may want to consider using it in your office if you’re not sure what color to choose and want something that will look good with everything.

Beige Paint Colors:

  • Benjamin Moore’s Muslin
  • Sherwin Williams’ SW7036 Repose Beige
  • Dunn Edwards DEW337 Desert Sun

Warm beige tones are perfect for an office that wants to feel inviting and comfortable.

Crisp WhiteCrisp White

If your office is in dire need of a refresh, white is always a great option! A crisp white will make the space feel clean and open while also providing a blank canvas for you to work with. This color can also help to reflect light and make the room feel bigger. If you’re looking for something other than gray, white is a great alternative.

White Paint Colors:

  • Benjamin Moore’s Super White
  • Sherwin Williams’ SW700 Pure White
  • Dunn Edwards DEW341 Bright White

White is the perfect color choice if you want to give your office an instant facelift!

Light Taupe

Taupe is a color often unheard of, but it can be an excellent option for an office. This color is warmer than gray and has more depth to it as well. Taupe works perfectly with other colors on this list, making it the perfect choice if you want something that will work well in your space without being too loud or distracting from what’s going on around you. 

A light taupe is ideal for adding some character to your small office without going too crazy! Taupes are soft yet still have some visual interest! These tones make any room feel cozy. It’s perfect if you want something neutral but with just a touch of personality.

Light Blue

Light blue is a color that can make any space feel more at ease. If you’re looking for something soothing, light blue might be the way to go! This color works well with other colors on this list as it has a very neutral undertone and will look great in most offices.

By adding some lighter tones to your office, you’ll give off an airy vibe while also calming those who enter the room. Light blues are perfect if you want to calm down your workplace without going overboard and overwhelming others with too much personality or boldness.

Yellow HomeYellow

If you want a color that will instantly make your space feel cheery, yellow is the way to go! This color has been shown to stimulate mental activity and can bring life into any room. A sunny hue of yellow would work well if paired with other colors on this list, as it’s not too bold or loud.

Yellow paint colors will help elevate anyone’s mood when they enter your office. If you’ve got a small place but still want something bright and fun, pick up some light-colored paints in shades of yellow for an instant lift! It’s also perfect if you’re looking for an alternative to gray tones.

Light Yellow Paint Colors:  

  • Benjamin Moore AF-030 Sunwashed 
  • Sherwin Williams SW6074
  • Dunn Edwards DEW361 Sunlight

Light Green

Green is a color that can bring feelings of serenity and peace to your office. This hue may not be the first thing you think of for an office, but it’s definitely worth considering if you want something calming yet not too boring! This color will help to brighten up any dark corner or area that’s causing you problems and can also be used as a pop of color in an otherwise neutral room.

If you want to add a bit of nature into your office without going overboard, light green paint colors are the way to go! These tones will help to create an oasis in your small office and promote productivity. They also work well as an alternative to beige or other light neutrals.

Light Green Paint Colors:

  • Benjamin Moore HC-154 Seafoam
  • Sherwin Williams SW6473 
  • Dunn Edwards DEW382 Lawn Clippings

A light shade of green would make any space feel tranquil and relaxing! 

Blush Pink homeBlush Pink

Blush pink may seem like it would be too girly for an office, but this color can actually help to make any room feel more inviting. If you want something other than stark white or gray, blush pink is a great alternative that will also give off feelings of warmth and love! This tone has been shown to promote creativity as well, which means your employees could come up with their best ideas in the presence of these soft hues.

Blush pigments have many different effects on people- they boost spirits without being overwhelming like bright reds or oranges can be. It’s perfect if you’re looking for an alternative to light blue tones or are tired of using beige colors! This feminine hue can create a soothing atmosphere while helping others relax.

Blush Pink Paint Colors:

  • Benjamin Moore OC-18 Whisper
  • Sherwin Williams SW600 pinky peach 
  • Dunn Edwards DEW373 Cotton Candy

A light shade of blush pink can add a touch of femininity to any office!

Soft Black HomeSoft Black

While soft black may not seem like the most impressive color, it can actually help to make a room feel more laid-back and inviting. This tone helps make a smaller space feel larger as it has the effect of receding the walls. 

If you want to make your office feel like a cozy and comfortable place to work, try painting one or two walls in a light shade of soft black. A blackish hue would work well if you have other colors on this list, as it’s excellent for creating an accent wall!

Black tones are also great if you’ve got colorful decor pieces or objects lying around as they won’t clash as much as other dark colors might.

Earthly Ochre

Earthly ochre is a color that can help to ground any office space. This tone is perfect for people who want a more natural look in their office as it has undertones of yellow and green. Ochre can also help to make a room feel larger, as it has the effect of bringing the walls inwards.

If you’re looking for an alternative to light browns or beiges, try an ochre paint color in your office! This shade will help to promote feelings of warmth and friendliness in any workspace.

Things to Remember

When choosing paint colors for a small office, it is essential to remember that cool colors will make the space feel larger while warm colors will make it feel cozier. You also don’t want to choose too many dark colors as they can often make a room feel smaller. By using light and bright colors, you can help to open up your space and make it more inviting. With a bit of creativity and a few coats of paint, you can make your office space seem larger than life!