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Railing Painting Services

Railing Painting Services by A Perfect Finish Painting

It’s incredible how many railings and handrails there are on Denver-area buildings if you look around. Wood railings, round railings, metal railings, single-railings linked to the wall, and deck railings are only a few examples. Handicapped railings and railings in bathrooms are becoming increasingly frequent.

Injury can occur when harsh railings or the paint on your fence is flaking. Guardrails that are unclean appear unsanitary and can harm your company’s brand image.

railing painting services

Fortunately, we regularly maintain, repair, and paint wood and metal railings by:

Sanding, wire-brushing, and scraping paint off metal railings before applying a rust-inhibiting primer and metal-specific paint.
Rust Removal and a rust-neutralizer are applied to prevent future rust.
Preparing, sanding, and staining wood and metal railings before applying a layer of polyurethane to protect them.
Painting of wood deck railing, even if the deck’s top decking boards are composite; despite many deck tops being made of composite decking planks, many railings and spindles are still made of wood.
Cleaning, painting, and staining to stair rails and walls.
Complete replacement of metal, wood, or any kind of composite railings that are beyond repair or contain rotted wood. Our experts at APF Painting can replace your bars and can even do a partial-railing-replacement in areas of your fence that could be victims of rotting in the future.

It’s time to paint when all the loose rust has been removed, the glossy portions have been sanded, and the dust has been removed. All exposed surfaces must be primed with the appropriate primer before the topcoat can be applied. We can use a metal grade primer created expressly for that reason to paint rusty areas and exposed metal. We can sometimes spot-prime with the topcoat (DTM) when using a Direct To Metal product. We employ a “rust converter” type of spot-primer if the metal has a lot of oxidation.

Paint is applied with a brush, roller, and “painter mitts” developed expressly for the job. Spraying can also be done on calm days once all steps have been taken to safeguard the surrounding area from overspray. Using the proper metal railing coating, regardless of the application technique, is critical. It’s also crucial to follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions for that particular product.

railing painting services

Benefits of Railing Painting and Staining

There is one key reason you should consider painting or staining your railing, aside from pure aesthetics. Applying a finish to the wood, such as paint or stain, helps protect it from the weather. Untreated wood can break down much faster than usual when exposed to water and harsh sunshine, and some wood species can even turn gray.

As a result of the water’s reaction, wood can twist, warp, and crack. Sunlight degrades wood over time, and when mixed with moisture, it becomes susceptible to rotting. This is why it’s critical to apply a finish, as it aids in the formation of a protective barrier.

  • Options for Railings

When painting or staining your wood railing, you have two options: paint or stain. Color will provide the most acceptable level of wood protection. It’s the greatest at protecting wood from both moisture and sunshine, and in certain situations, it can last up to ten years.

Staining brings out the inherent grain of the wood, which many people prefer. Stain penetrates the wood deeply, sealing up spaces that might otherwise absorb moisture. Although it has good moisture resistance, it isn’t as good as paint. UV rays (sunlight) will not provide much protection, so they will need to be reapplied more frequently than paint.

Our Process of Railing Painting

Painting a railing isn’t as straightforward as slapping a new coat of paint on top of an old one. If you want a smooth, long-lasting finish, you’ll need to do some preliminary work. The railing must be power washed to ensure it is clean. Lay down drop sheets to cover the surrounding area before moving on.

Depending on the type of railing and paint, the application technique for the color is variable. All portions of a wood railing with loose or peeling paint should be scrapped, sanded, and primed. The metal railing should be washed down with a wire brush as well.

The metal railing should be primed with oxide or rust-inhibiting primer, while wood railings should be primed with an ordinary exterior primer.

When it comes to wood railings, the stain is applied with a brush on wood railings, while the paint is applied by spraying, brushing, rolling, or a mix of these methods, depending on the substrate’s condition and surroundings. It’s time to clean up once the paint has been applied, making sure to pick up any paint chips or other debris.

Painting Galvanized Steel Railing

Galvanizing is applying a zinc layer to iron surfaces in a shop. Under normal circumstances, this manufacturing treatment can persist for many years. Like the one we have in Denver, harsh weather will reduce the protection’s lifespan.

Condominium and apartment buildings, for example, paint their railings for both maintenance and aesthetic purposes. The black fence is the most common color choice and looks well in most outdoor landscapes. There’s nothing wrong with painting galvanized metal railing if the proper preparation work is done first.

Unfortunately, most people think the railing is in good shape, and the optimal prep work is time-consuming. The inevitable shortcut of surface preparation is the main reason for paint failure.

railing painting services

Why A Perfect Finish Painting?

Outside of residential structures, APF Painting has a lot of expertise in painting railings on the commercial level. Here at APF Painting, we understand that the appropriate prep work is the key to a longer-lasting paint job, and our personnel are well aware of this; hence we don’t work with any shortcuts.

Get in contact with us if you have any railings on your property that could require painting and staining. We’ll visit you, examine the state of the surfaces, and put together a detailed plan to fulfill your requirements.

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