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Exterior Commercial Painting Services

The Need for Exterior Commercial Painting

Exterior business painting is the most effective approach to updating any structure’s look and feel while increasing visibility and promoting a professional image. Exterior commercial projects necessitate meticulous planning and a thorough understanding of the client’s expectations.

As a result, our management team will ensure that the project runs smoothly from start to finish. With our extensive commercial expertise in the Denver area and deep product knowledge, we can assist you in selecting the best materials for the job.

To avoid unnecessarily disrupting your everyday operations, we can operate off-hours, nights, and weekends if necessary. Our full-time personnel are skilled professionals who apply the most up-to-date procedures and tools while adhering to all industry norms.

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Making a Careful Investment

Painting your business is an investment, and the quality of your paint job can have a positive or negative impact on your bottom line. That is why you can’t afford to choose a painter who scrimps on details and cuts corners. Over 400 industry leaders have put their trust in APF Painting, including:

  • Governmental Organizations
  • Hospitality and Hotels
  • Food Service and Restaurants
  • Nonprofit Retail Organizations
  • HOA Aerospace and Healthcare Condominiums

Exterior Commercial Painting Process

The planning and pre-construction stages are the foundation of every effective paint job. Our projects begin with a meeting on site with the owner, general contractor, or facility manager to discuss the project’s requirements and logistics.

We create color renderings/samples for approval and double-check that we’re using the correct goods for the job. We then create a strategy to accomplish the project on time and budget while meeting high-quality standards.

We begin our exterior commercial painting projects by protecting your equipment, merchandise, walkways, windows, vehicles, and facilities before we start. Before applying the required coating, all surfaces will be power cleaned and prepared according to industry standards.

We conduct a walkthrough with our personnel after the project is completed to identify areas that require improvement. We ask the client to walk through the project once we’ve determined it’s acceptable. At that time, we’ll address any issues you’ve raised and make sure you’re happy with your project.

Commercial Exterior Painting Services

When structures display evidence of degradation, cracks, or stains caused by moisture penetration, it’s usually a sign that a more significant problem has to be addressed. Exteriors made of brick and block, masonry, aluminum, vinyl, and wood demand different solutions.

Painting over the failed area is unlikely to solve the fundamental problem in the long run. Surface preparation and repair are correctly chosen and applied exterior coatings can cure even the most challenging issues. Shortcuts in the repair and painting process are more likely to cause ongoing problems for your business or commercial property.

APF Painting commercial painting experts can pinpoint the source of the issue and resolve it using the appropriate products following your instructions. It’s usually a good idea to have a professional painting contractor look over your outside wall surfaces to ensure the proper supplies are chosen and applied correctly.

Short-Term Commercial Exterior Painting Service

At every level of commercial property upkeep, budgetary considerations are evident. Property managers and building owners are understandably inclined to save money on painting work by selecting the lowest-cost proposal or even delaying repairs. APF Painting can help you stay on budget while still maintaining and painting your business correctly.

A Cost-Effective Way To Transform Your Business

Paint is one of our favorite things for various reasons, but one of the most important is that it is frequently one of the most cost-effective methods to transform the look of your business. As a business owner or property manager, you know that exterior maintenance, repairs, and upkeep can rapidly add up. However, painting is one way to get the best bang for your buck.

A fresh coat of paint on your office outside could result in increased foot traffic or more potential workers interested in working for you. Those two benefits alone invest in painting your office outside worthwhile. Furthermore, a reliable painting company like APF Painting can do the task correctly and on time, allowing you to get back to work.

This may seem like a no-brainer argument to paint or repaint your office façade, but it isn’t for everyone. Many business owners just do not have the time to consider every component of their company’s exterior. Indeed, they may have enjoyed a steady stream of business for many years without giving any thought to how the paint on the side of their building is holding up.

However, we’ve seen how paint can change and rejuvenate office exteriors. It can provide your company with a new, fresh, and updated appearance. The appropriate paint color can also transform an obsolete 1970s structure into a hip client meeting spot or a builder-grade beige into something grand.

Why Consider APF Painting For Your Exterior Commercial Painting Needs?

Commercial exterior painting involves an awareness of substrate requirements, experience with local environmental conditions, skilled surface preparation, and appropriate coating selections. APF Painting in the Denver area have highly experienced exterior painting professionals that consistently offer top-quality services while minimizing business inconvenience.

Commercial painting professionals from APF Painting will clearly describe the methods and products that will best meet your demands, work within your operations’ scheduling constraints, and offer cost-effective solutions that will improve and protect your buildings for years to come. We are dedicated to providing a high-quality experience and professional outcomes on every project.

What Are You Still Waiting For?

Of course, with all the points discussed above, if you’re still not sure if it’s time for exterior commercial painting, contact one of our experts at APF Painting.

Our team will be able to inform you whether it’s time to repaint or whether you can wait another year. We can also assist you in choosing the proper color for your business’s façade and ensure that the work is completed without affecting your regular operations.

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