21 Ideas for Creating Stunning Wall Custom Murals in Your Space

You probably already know that wallpaper in the home can give you a unique sense of personality, one that’s highly personal in the way it reflects your style. But did you know there are more ways to make an impact with wall custom murals in your space than choosing the right wallpaper?

Here are 21 ideas to get you thinking beyond adding wallpaper or paint.

Add Drama with Architectural Details

Pump up the Volume

When you want to make a statement, sometimes you need to go big or go home. Murals are an easy way to do this by making your wall look higher, wider, and more spacious with something that has depth. Use the full potential of the space by completing it with lights for drama.

Paint a Picture of Your Favorites

Do you love the sea or have gorgeous mountain landscapes in your favorite photos? Remaster these into murals to create an atmosphere that evokes all of the feelings associated with them. You don’t have to be extremely realistic, but choose images that are so beautiful they look like paintings. Do you like the look of watercolors? You can achieve this by using large paint brushes and watered-down paints for a very cool, ethereal vibe.

Create a Colorful Statement

Murals don’t always have to be somber and created with neutrals or earthy tones; they can also make a statement with vibrant color. If you have a favorite color that you just love to look at, use it on your wall as a mural for the ultimate bold statement. A palette of certain colors will create a more cohesive feel in a room instead of using different hues which can make the space seem disjointed and chaotic.

Tie the Room Together with Wall Murals

Does your room have similar textures but something is still missing? Use murals to tie the room together by using colors, patterns, and/or images that look amazing together. This can be accomplished with just about any theme or color scheme. If you choose large-scale prints of flora and fauna, you will achieve a supremely naturalistic vibe that gives the room a finished look.

Add Drama with Architectural Details

If your walls are blank and boring, add some drama by using murals with architectural details to spice things up. You can use these types of murals indoors or outdoors depending on how permanent you want the mural to be. If it’s only outside, the elements will usually fade and deteriorate your mural faster; but if you choose a mural that has some permanence, then place it in an area where you get lots of natural light for best results.

Be Historical

If you love history and happen to be very knowledgeable about it, then show off your knowledge by creating an entire mural that takes visitors through a journey of history. You can be playful with this idea and use whimsical images to create “a walk down memory lane” for adults or children. Personifying objects like cars, telephones, or televisions in vintage-style photos is a great way to add a playful feel.

Be the Architect

Do you have lots of ideas about how you would design your dream home? You can easily turn these ideas into reality by creating murals that involve architectural plans. There are many different ways this can be done, from using blueprints to sketches on graph paper. You can also design your dream home in an aerial view way to make it look more realistic.

Get Graphic

Murals don’t have to be strictly paintings or photos. As long as you have a drawing surface, there are unlimited ideas for graphic murals that you could do yourself with just a little bit of practice. You can try out this idea anywhere in your home and add a sense of dimension to the area.

Get Inspired with Quotes

Do you have a favorite quote from literature, philosophy, or even from your world? Transform these words into murals that inspire you daily when you wake up. You can even use a color scheme that matches your personality to make the space truly yours.

Get Creative with Typography

If you have a creative mind, create typographic murals that allow you to play around with words and phrases in a fun way. This is a great idea if you enjoy writing poetry or anything else of a literary nature. You can use these phrases on your walls to inspire you when you need them the most.

Get Personal with Family Photos

If you have a large family, then creating murals of family photos is a great idea that will bring back fond memories for years to come. You can create an entire gallery wall that tells the story of your family’s growth, holiday celebrations, or any other time you would like to honor. This is also the perfect opportunity to bring back photos that might have been packed away due to lack of wall space.

Get Funky with Patterns

Do you love bold patterns and geometric designs? Create an entire mural out of your favorite patterns to give the space a fun and funky look that is sure to impress. You can choose out-of-the-box designs, or you can go for something more classic with bold lines and black/white/gray color schemes.

Get an Eye-Catching Feature Wall

Create the ultimate showstopper by designing an entire wall to be the feature of your room. This is a great opportunity to use something like wallpaper, fabric, or paint that is not permanent. Create layers by using some type of patterned material as the base and then adding some color on top of it all for effect!

Get Inspired with Nature

Do you love and appreciate nature and all it has to offer? Use murals of nature scenes to surround you with the beauty you feel every day. This is a great opportunity to play around with colors, but always remember that natural imagery will not need as much color since the real thing provides plenty of inspiration on its own.

Make it Funky!

If you’re looking to add a little funk and fun to your space, then try out the idea of creating funky murals that can be changed up depending on how creative you feel. You can add life to your walls by using bold colors such as pinks, greens, blues, and reds. You can also play around with fun patterns and shapes to create a truly unique scene.16. Get as Creative as You Can Be!
If you’re someone who loves to express yourself through art, then embrace this passion by creating a mural that allows you to let loose and have fun. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the latest design trends and ideas. If you love abstract, then stick to your guns and create an entirely new kind of mural that represents exactly how you feel on any given day.

Get Organized with a Schedule Mural

Do you struggle to stay organized throughout the week? Try creating a schedule mural for each area of your life that will be sure to motivate you and keep you on task. You can even include your daily goals, chores, or motivational sayings to help you stay on track throughout the day if nothing else!

Get Inspired with Quotes (& Nature)

Do you have a favorite quote from literature, philosophy, or even from a song? Keep it close at hand and create a mural that includes these inspiring words of wisdom. You can also mirror this idea by creating a nature scene with some inspirational text added into the mix.

Celebrate Your Fandom

If you’re a huge fan of something, then create a mural that will allow you to celebrate your favorite thing(s) all the time! You can create an entire themed space like this, or you could even make it something simple like a Tardis (or another fandom-related item).

Get Down to Earth with Graphic Patterns

If you love graphic patterns and colors, then put them on display for everyone to see by creating a mural that is made up entirely of some fun patterns. You can go with one main color or you can create layers upon layers of color for an even bolder statement.

Get Vintage

Love the idea of vintage? Create a mural that pays homage to older eras in time, such as the 1950s or 1960s, to create a space that is filled with nods to the past. You can draw inspiration from classic design trends and even include items from these eras for added effect!