Bow Mar is a beautiful neighborhood in Littleton, CO. Despite its seclusion, Bow Mar is an incredibly vibrant community of just over 700 people, making it one of Colorado’s most coveted towns for those looking for a tight knit and relaxing place to live. Most buildings in the area have a rustic charm that exude the quaint nature of this wonderful little town. Residents are very vocal about showing their pride for Bow Mar and often gather at local community celebrations to enjoy events like parades, dances and more. Visitors should be sure to stop into The Bow Mar Store for all your shopping needs and enjoy some delicious home cooking served at Cocina México Restaurant.


Bow Mar is a neighborhood with an estimated population of 1,964 as of 2019. With an average median age of 42 years old, Bow Mar is composed mostly of white individuals making up 90.1% while the other 9.9% consists primarily of African American and Hispanic/Latino demographics respectively. Household income in Bow Mar averages around $127,879 which allows for property taxes at a rate lower than most Denver suburbs and supplies residents with public amenities such as a nearby golf course, swimming pool, library, and historic museum all reasons why this is such an attractive place to live.


Bow Mar is a small town that provides quality education opportunities to its students. The Jefferson County School System serves students in preschool through twelfth grade who live within the area. options available include Early Childhood Education, K-8 schools and high schools. Through this system, citizens can access both traditional learning and newer technology based opportunities such as online learning. One of the more exciting aspects of education in Bow Mar is their commitment to extracurricular activities, offering a variety of club sports for students with varied interests. With excellent educational support from elementary school through college level and post graduate, Bow Mar offers its residents a great foundation for life-long learning.


Bow Mar is a fantastic destination for tourists looking to explore the Rocky Mountain region. With its sprawling landscapes, picturesque sunsets and gorgeous mountains all around, Bow Mar offers magnificent scenery for visitors to enjoy. Hiking trails abound throughout the area, taking travelers along winding paths through tall dense foliage, into scenic meadows where wildlife can often be seen. For those who simply want to take in the views without straying too far from their vehicle, scenic drives offer breathtaking exhibits of nature’s beauty. There are also recreational activities available – fishing enthusiasts who come to Bow Mar may even find themselves landing a trophy trout! Thanks to its bounty of attractions and diverse range of activities, Bow Mar is becoming one of the most desirable tourist destinations in the country.

In conclusion, Bow Mar offers a unique living experience that is truly second-to-none. From the small-town charm and recreation opportunities, to the excellent schools and vibrant business climate, residents can rest assured there is something for everyone in this thriving community. With its welcoming environment and laid-back lifestyle, Bow Mar makes for an attractive place to lay down roots and join the many other happy locals who have already made this fine city their home.


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