When stairs are designed well, they can serve as an anchor for the room’s design. They also have a practical use in connecting one floor to another. Here are 25 stair railing ideas to elevate your home’sstule. Whether contemporary or classic, these stair railing designs are stylish and will add beauty to your home’s interior design.


Stairway Wall Decal

This modern stairway design is defined by the wall decal that runs across the stairs. The white planter on the landing provides a contrasting color and brings additional harmony to this contemporary space.

Curved Wood Stair Railing with Glass Insert

The curved lines of the wood rails flow seamlessly into the glass insert that brings light to the stairwell.

White Wooden Staircase with Black Railings

A black balustrade adds drama to this classic white staircase. The simple railing design pairs well with the elegant yet understated wallpaper on the walls.

Industrial Modern Railing Design

Industrial lighting and a metal balustrade give this stairway design a modern appeal.

Elegant Contemporary Stair Railing Design

The classic lines of the balusters provide an elegant touch to this contemporary space. The streamlined style of the rails contrasts with the sharp angles of the island in the kitchen; while, at the same time, creating additional balance in this open kitchen area.
6. Staircase with Black Iron Railings and Wood Floors
The black-painted iron railing contrasts nicely with the dark wood floors in this modern home. The clean lines of the stairs are not crowded by unnecessary embellishments, allowing the eye to appreciate its beauty instead.

Floating Wooden Stairs

Suspended wooden stairs are defined by the wood’s natural grain. The dark-stained wooden slats contrast nicely with the white walls that enclose them.

Industrial Stair Design with Metal Balustrade

The metal railing of this industrial staircase is only interrupted by the wall dividers at each level; these dividers also do not interfere with the lines of the staircase.

Curved Staircase with Wood Handrails

This curved staircase is defined by its wood handrails that are continuous to the top. The design on the wall resembles a flowing river, creating an interesting contrast between this large wall-art and the sharp edges of the staircase.

Long Wooden Staircase with Mirrored Railings

The mirrored railings of this long staircase reflect light and create a sense of openness in this small space. The wall art adds dimension to the otherwise flat wall; while, at the same time, contrasts with the dark flooring.

Exposed Brick Wall enclosing Wooden Stairs

The staircase enclosures are painted in white to complement the exposed brick wall. The thin dark metal railing continues without interruption from the bottom to the top of the stairs, connecting each level with its thin curved lines.

Rustic Wood Stair Railing Design

The natural texture of the wood spindles contrasts nicely with the modern, dark tiles.

Industrial Metal Staircase Design

The black metal railing of this staircase design has a unique look and feel that contrasts nicely with the wooden flooring and solid white wall. The staircases spiral around one another, drawing additional attention and adding depth to this space.

Minimalist Floating Staircase

A thin metal railing runs along the stairs, giving a sense of openness to the otherwise enclosed staircase. The dark floor contrasts nicely with the white walls and ceiling in this minimalistic space.

Transparent Railing Design

Glass handrails add elements to the open-concept living room below. In contrast, the black balusters join the white walls and ceiling to create a unified color scheme throughout the space.

Exposed Beams accent this Contemporary Staircase

Exposed wooden beams, light wood floors, and simple dark railings give life to this contemporary space. The stairs cover only half of the floor space in this room, creating a nice contrast between the large sofa and the open space above.

Elegant Black Staircase Design

The sleek dark railing of this staircase brings attention to its sharp lines, setting itself apart from the neutral-colored room around it. The recessed lighting above the stairwell is a nice finishing touch that doesn’t interfere with the clean lines.

Staircase with Dark Metal Railing Design

The dark metal railing of this staircase design contrasts nicely against the beige flooring and white walls. The open-feeling first level gives perspective to the second level that is partially enclosed by wooden beams, creating an interesting juxtaposition between light and shadow throughout the space.

Wooden and Metal Spiral Staircase with Artwork

The staircase is built with two sets of spiral stairs; the outer section has a white metal railing with wooden steps, while the inner section features wooden railings and steps against a brick wall. The artwork between both staircases creates an interesting dimension to this space that draws attention to the otherwise plain brick wall.

Dark Wood Staircase Design with Modern Twist

The sleek dark wooden stairs are interrupted by a small square-shaped metal railing on each level, connecting all three sections of this staircase design. The modern twist is found in the added recessed lights on each side of this space that highlights the floating steps on each level.

Semi-circle Staircase Design with Wooden Slats

The semi-circular design of this staircase is accented by the curved lines of the wooden slats below. The oversized pendant lamps add a nice finishing touch to complete this transitional space.

Artistic Dark Wood Staircase Design

The wooden slats of this staircase design give the illusion that the stairs are floating into the air. The dark stained wood contrasts nicely with the light-colored room below.

Unique Dark Wood Staircase Design

This unique, modern space is accented by a simple white railing on the second level, bringing attention to the metal bars above that are shaped to resemble waves. The understated artwork on the wall below adds another dimension to this space, creating a sense of depth.

Elegant Floating White Wooden Staircase

An oversized chandelier hangs from the ceiling of this wide-open space. The dark wooden flooring and simple white railing create a nice contrast against the all-white walls and ceiling.

Modern Black and Wood Staircase Design

The all-white walls and ceiling contrast the sleek black stairs in this modern space. The open-concept room around it gives life to this simple design, creating a nice flow throughout the space.

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